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Originally Posted by Raja Ventureshield View Post
i am not sure how you are trying to derive an answer from that. The answer is really going to vary and the only way to tell is by talking to the owner. If the owner never takes his/her car out of during storms/bad days then the question does not provide any good answers. Also, what if the guy went up to NY and PA many times and they have had worse winters than we did, how would you be able to figure that out from our winter.

What color is the car? I would suggest when you do a PPI, also have a detailer look and give you an evaluation as well as many/many detailed pix as you are looking to buy a car out of your area.

Good luck.
The car is gray. You bring up good points about PA and NY. Unfortunately, the car is at a dealership so I won't be able to ask the owner any questions myself. Your idea about asking a detailer to take a look is excellent and I'll see if it is possible.

The reason I ask these questions is because I would be shipping the car back to California, and everyone out here (including me too, apparently) shuns cars with salt in their histories.

My prior car (a New England Evo) got pretty rusty on the shocks, rear differential, exhaust, and a fair bit of the engine compartment too. For those of you that do drive your M3s on salted roads, where does the M3 build rust?

Thanks again!