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Toyota versus??....

[QUOTE=pseto;24921165]Yep, with Audi and Porsche pulling out the past few years, Toyota is essentially racing themselves. They'd probably still be winless if they had competition

Well said....without the factory teams of Audi, Mercedes Benz and Porsche this does leave Toyota racing themselves; it appears the not-so-subtle shift is occurring in our generation from internal combustion (HP) to electric (KW)....I read that BMW began their increased focus and resources in the Formula E category....and Mercedes and Audi recently announced they are increasing R&D and production of full-electric vehicles (saw the first full-size Audi SUV all-electric in Seattle on Father's Day)....when Mercedes announced this shift recently, they said they're spending $12,000,000,000 US (yes, that's twelve billion) to increase their all-electric vehicle lineup.

I'll start a new thread to discuss the future of motorsport as we know it.
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