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Originally Posted by rev9k View Post
I don't see the reason for the extra Blow off valves, esp @ only 11 psi. (still don't get why the new AA kits use 3??)

One should me more than sufficient.

I have no doubt your still using the shitty OE clamps on the iTBS and that's whats causing lifting of the mani under boost. I would have prefered a brakcet to hold down the intake or better clamps (think t-bolt) on the ITBS if you can fit them.
I agree. The manifold should utilize better clamps to prevent the lifting. Either a support bracket at the rear of the manifold, or weld on v-band flanges onto the factory throttle inlets and v-band flanges on the ESS manifold velocity stacks and secure them this way. It is a leak free and service free solution.

Originally Posted by DLSJ5 View Post
I'm pleased to report that after almost 2 years and 15K miles on the ESS VT3, all is well, the car is running strong and has been very reliable for the amount of horsepower it is making. The built motor with drop in pistons and rods, has never burned any oil between changes and drives just like stock out of boost, the DCT is holding as well.

The VT3 over the last 6 months, with the 12/13psi pulley's, has dynoed between 670-700whp consistently, it's been to 6 events, 4 Airstrips and 2 Big willow track days, and as of September it is now my daily driver. Since I've got the car back from ESS, we have made a few changes to the fuel system, added a few more bypass valves, and as I've posted before the car has had a few issues come up, mostly at these airstrip events, all very fixable though.

At the past two SS3 Airstrip events, while going WOT through all the gears, the manifold has been lifting. Also during WOT runs while shifting at redline, it felt as if the car was shaking/vibrating excessively, and at the most recent NFZ event, I had some misfires. Even with these issues, while frustrating, the car managed a 166MPH trap speed at two different events! On a clean run, 170MPH should be attainable with 13psi, in the 1/2 mile. Some may wonder why not turn up the boost? While it's certainly possible it's not pragmatic or wise to do so on the stock DCT. I have no desire to blow a DCT tranny, it's not worth it. If they ever came out with a tested viable upgrade, only then would I consider it. Regardless a 670 - 700whp reliable daily driver is pretty awesome.

Fixing the issues, the DCT shifting at WOT vibration/judder took awhile to diagnose, a few shops that looked at the car thought it might be, lowering springs, subframe mounts, etc. It wasn't until I took the car to EAS and after a few WOT runs did Steve@EAS know what the issue was, the DCT was causing the excessive vibration/judder. Tom@EAS suggested that we re-calibrate the DCT clutches, he had the tool there to do it, after recalibrating the DCT clutches, the vibration/judder has gone away significantly, I've been impressed with EAS, their techs and the ability to be a full service shop with the tools to do so, thanks guys.

The manifold lifting on WOT high speed runs seems to have been rectified as well. We added two Forge type bypass valves to relieve the excess pressure from 11+psi, one in the back where the ICV hose is, and one on the discharge hose between the Supercharger and Manifold, this seems to have done the trick. Pics below -

Rear Bypass valve -

2nd Forge Valve -

During the last Airstrip event, NFZ, the manifold didn't lift, , but unfortunately the car had a misfire issue during WOT.
Congrats Drew. Glad she's running well. However, why is the 2nd bypass valve being plumbed back into the charged section of the intake? Why not just plumb back into the pre-charged intake tract along with the main Bypass valve.

And Drew, the differential bushings in your car are on their way out. There is a lot of deflection occurring there last time I saw it. The car is making double the WHP of the stock M3. Certain drive train components are simply not going to last or do their job correctly.

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