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I will actually share my story since there was more to the methodology than what website I used. Maybe it'll help refine the way you dive into a search.

I wasn't in a rush. I spent about 5-6 months keeping an eye out. I didn't want to spend over $30k but $25k was my sweet spot.

- I didn't want a high mileage car for obvious reasons, but I didn't want a low mileage car either as that might lead to me finding reasons not to drive it to keep the miles low.

- I wanted a unique color. Didn't need to be individual or ultra-rare, but white/black/grey was out of the question. I intended to keep the car so it had to be a timeless color that stands the test of time. That was blues or reds.

- I wanted a 6MT until I drove the DCT and fell in love. I would have taken either transmission, but this went from important to unimportant on my list.

- Car could NOT have more than two previous owners and prior lease/fleet and accidents reported were non-starters.

- I did NOT want rod bearings done, I wanted to choose the bearings and the mechanic.

knowing my expectations were absolutely realistic for my budget, it was a waiting game.

Only thing I needed was patience, which... as a native New Yorker, I don't have a ton of but it was key to getting the car I desired. I checked Car Gurus and eBay every day. EVERY day. For MONTHS. There was a time where I could pretty much rattle off how many M3s were for sale in each state and what their prices were (if they were standouts). I'm confident I was the leading expert on M3 availability and prices in the country for a short period of time.

I also checked Craigslist in my area a couple times a week, not that I'd buy from one of those "no money down everyone is approved no credit no problem" places, but local car dealerships put cars on there, so I'd see M3s show up at Toyota or Nissan dealerships off trade.

This went on for months. And months. And months.

After about six months, a LeMans blue 2010 with 76k miles popped up at a local specialty dealer in my area. The car was on eBay for less than an hour when I called. I went and looked at it right away, put a deposit down, did some research (former owner turned out to be a forum member who's turned the car in for a new Ford Raptor just off CPO). Took the car for TWO PPIs, got a clean bill of health, and brought a cashiers check for $26,400 to the dealership shortly after. I paid asking- I wanted the car off eBay and was tired of waiting. I wasn't able to negotiate a penny off. The dealership was honest and said "if it's here in a couple weeks we'd be willing to negotiate" but it wouldn't have been.

The key was consistency, diligence, and patience. Get comfortable with a method. Car Gurus and ebay worked great for me. I stuck to my guns and waited. And waited, and when the time came I acted fast.
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