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PSDesigns BMW M3 GT4-Style Canards/Dive Planes (E9X M3)

Hi guys,

Here in the UK there is a shining star in the way of PSDesigns who is designing and manufacturing some awesome parts for the E9X range of cars. He has been focusing on the E46 but with the rising popularity of the E9X range, he has been developing more awesome parts

Are you looking for a set of carbon fibre canards? Before or after getting a splitter you need to give your car the ultimate GT4 look. Well now is your chance to get this awesome pair of canards whether you need them for aero or asthetic reasons.

The PSDesigns GT4 Canards are designed to work as an aerodynamically advantageous piece in conjunction with a front splitter/diffuser to "diffuse" air away from the front wheels, reducing drag and creating down force. As used on the OEM BMW E92 M3 GT4 cars.

The stylish yet versatile high quality, functional carbon fibre Canard comes, in both, yes both 1x1 or 2x2 Carbon Fibre. For those of you that want something a little different you can even have custom weaves available on request. These are all supplied with 3M adhesive backing to assist with fittings, however the use of some mechanical fittings is advised in the way of small self taping Torx screws or similar ismadvised.

These GT4 parts are hard to,come by, but with a 2-3 week wait you can have a set made up ready to be delivered to you. Here is the amazing news, for just 234.99 ($310 as of 21st October 2017) plus shipping you can have this in your car in no time at all. Give your car the finishing touch it deserves.

Following this link, it will take you through direct to the website where you can order.
You can also contact Pete direct at or go straight to his Facebook page

Anyway, time for the good bit. The pictures!

E92 M3 - Race car sold
F80 M3 - Fire Orange