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Originally Posted by Quick6EF View Post
Once again, it's not about one meal, it's your total caloric intake on a daily basis. You can fit pizza, hamburgers, etc. into your daily requirements.

I stick to Sashimi when I have sushi FWIW.

I see where you're going with this though.

Try this for breakfast...


English Muffin
Peanut Butter (2tbs)
= ~425 cals

The only way to be the most accurate with your daily caloric intake is to prepare the meals for yourself - not eating out and guessing.

Try to make all of your own meals for two weeks straight, no cheating.
I know but giving my self a specific meal a day that is low on calories will help with the rest of the day is what I was getting at,

I bought some fruit for breakfast and some baby carrots with (low fat) dip for lunch. Still deciding on dinner.

I'm going to try as hard as I can not to eat out at all during the weeks anymore and maybe just once on the weekend.

I honestly rarely go over 2000 calories a day, I think my metabolism is just completely shot lol trying to figure out some kind of exercise I can do before I go to work, gf has an elliptical but I feel that does not give me a work out when I do it.