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Originally Posted by E82tt6 View Post
Because if something happens (job loss, injury, etc) you are up the creek without a paddle. If you need to downscale it's tough to get out of a lease quickly, and if, god forbid, disaster strikes, you have no car and your credit is ruined.

Owning a car outright none of that is a concern, and financing you can at least sell it off and buy a beater.
Same can be said about buying.. If you sell your financed car you're gonna take a loss because it would have depreciated a lot, and you would be paying the difference. With a lease, if you put $50 a month less than the average deal on, people will jump on it instantly, which in 2 years will be around $1200. Once again you will be losing less on a lease, of course considering that you didn't put a lot of money down.

And to do Audi guy, BMW's residuals are actually pretty freakin accurate. I'm in the used market also and cannot find a car for the right price. 2004 S4s go for $19-20K while M3s go for $24-26K, when they were both around the same price brand new.