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iTrader: (2) you work for Audi or something????!!!!!
you sure know alot about their cars...financing and lease deals...and all you do is rant and rave about Audi...why are you on a BMW forum?
look at every single post you have made.....take your propaganda shit and head over to an Audi forum...your act is getting old and boring...and transparent!

take the rest of your sales team with ya too!

Originally Posted by NC Audi View Post
Cookiemonster, (my favorite SS character)

I would agree that the residuals are typically higher on a BMW. With that, you can't successfully promote the argument that BMW's plan has worked out all that well. You don't write off that kind of coin, then raise your arms in victory.

The problem with your #'s below is that my wife still has a year left on her lease. I don't see how they will be anywhere near the residual when it comes time for turn-in, especially given the cost to CPO. Black book currently lists the car for around $26K. Even today, no way an informed shopper would pay $32k for it. I get the "sucker for every seat" deal, but more people are informed car buyers these days. That's not to say emotion isn't front and center when buying a car, but still...

By the way, I have seen quite a few Audi CPO ad's. As an Audi owner, perhaps they just catch my eye.

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