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Thumbs down Grain of salt always required

From the very same publication, and this link is referenced in that new comparo article, the C&D staff said this about the EARLIER comparo test between the RS4, E46, and C55:

"And that's where our three-man jury was surprised by the RS 4. Born of more recent development and technology than the two other cars, it nonetheless felt more nervous at speeds well in excess of 100 mph on the autobahn. Perhaps it was the firm ride conspiring with the deliberately aggressive on-center steering feel and its concomitant off-center response, but we all felt the car wasn't as locked down as the M3 or even as composed as the less tightly laced C55."

YET in the NEW article, they say:

"The RS 4ís high-speed ride and its chassisís stability were deemed best in test on the autobahn." ==> and that's against the NEW M3 and C63 AMG."

Yeah, right. Nice 180 degrees there ya dolts. How about you check your work, and offer explanations?

This is why I really hate car mag reviews. They excite us but in the end, you have to just realize that there are sometimes factors that grossly skew perceptions, and/or testers that simply dunno wtf they're talking about. You gotta just try yourself.