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Originally Posted by shadowcoder View Post
Only difference now is that the BMW is without the new and anticipated gearbox and the Mercedes as tested appears to be without the LSD. Other than that it appears that the Mercedes is giving BMW a run for its money and it is blowing its socks off overall in the numbers.
I take contention with this. Even though the AMG is faster it is not quite "blowing its socks off". It would be a drivers race with most folks until fairly high speeds. And either way if you call those number blowing the socks off I would make a similar claim about the handling portion of the test, which are under represented as well.

It is fairly simply - the Merc is faster in a straight line. The M3 handles better. Cars are quite close.

Merc is pretty darn ugly IMO but the fact about the eye of the beholder certainly applies to looks preferences.