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Originally Posted by NoSoupForU View Post
I know this is an unlikely comparo but bear in mind that I do not care much about the looks of a car nor do I care for the prestige. What I care most about is performance and fun factor. I would track the car about 10 times a year and I would track the same car that I drive everyday. No separate set of track wheels. Has anyone else considered these 2 cars? Any thoughts?

Stock used 08 M3 coupe or sedan = $40k - $44k
2010 Evo X GSR base with mods = $28k + $9k in mods = $37k
Kw3 coilovers, Tune, TBE, UICP, Filter, Swaybars, 10.5 in wide RPF1 wheels, 275/35/18 Dunlop Star Specs, brak pads, fluid, SS lines, Labor for all installs.

M3 pros:

* Build quality
* More comfortable daily driver
* Better Top end power?
* Don't have to mod
* Resell value

M3 cons:

* Price
* Less traction than Evo
* Not as good a track car?
* Expensive maintenance after warranty
* People at work will think I'm showing off. Will drive a more expensive car than my boss
* Will be buying a used car (unless I can order a new stripped down E90 with no options for a good price)
* More likely to spin and perhaps hit a wall at track

Evo pros:

* AWD = better in rain, no churping tires around town when I want to drive hard
* Can get on the gas earlier in turns at the track
* Putting on 10.5 in wide wheels will give me crazy traction at the track
* Seats are better for the track
* Safer at track with AWD

Evo cons:

* Build quality?
* Only a 5 sp
* Weaker top end? (I care more about low end power btw)
* Cheap interior
* Resell value
are you kidding me? what the heck is an evo some crappy mizubishi?! you dont own an M3 no one in their right mind would put them in the same universe