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Originally Posted by Richbot View Post
Figure a nice example with good service history will never cost less than about $15k, probably in 2020 or so, after that the nice ones will become more and more rare and start to be worth more and more money (though certainly not ever "barret jackson record-setter" money). Anything less than that and you're probably looking at extremely high mileage or needing lots of work or both, not that high mileage necessarily means bad car

But like the E36 and soon the E46, you will probably be able to find a much-less-than-perfect but still very usable car for less than 10k. Unlike the E36, it won't be cheap to fix, which means the price spread between a good example and a less-than-perfect example will probably be pretty big

For me, I knew the E90 would be the one that hit my sweet spot for a "perfect" car. For you, I'd wait and see what comes along in the next 10 years. The next two M3 generations are probably going to be pretty damned cool...
yeah, good point, 10 years will span the next 2 upcoming M3 generations. The E9X would be what the E36 is now to us. Teh E9X would be very dated, and the fix-it cost will be a nightmare, since there's so much more electronics controlled functions in our car.

I remember when I was 17, I wanted a MKIV Supra or FD RX-7 really badly. When I bought my first car at 24, I wasn't getting anywhere close to that maintenance nightmare of a RX7 or paying $30k for a unmolested Supra 3000 miles away sigh unseen. For the same performance stock for stock, I got an Evo 8 instead. Your perspective of cars (and the cars themselves) will change ALOT between age of 16 and 26, believe me.