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i've had a couple experienced mechanics tell me 15k is too long,change it at least every 7500k miles.btw,the service manual also says change it at least once a calls it a low mileage oil change.

mike miller,tech expert at roundel,says that when bmw started to pay for maintenance,all of a sudden the cars started needing manual says coolant is lifetime fill.i believe this minimal cbs maintenance schedule is a disservice to owners who want to keep their cars in good shape,and keep them a long time.i say this because i think it creates a feeling among less knowledgeable owners that they are doing the right thing regarding maintenance,when in my opinion it's the absolute minimum.i bought my car with 35k miles on it ,and hope to keep it a long time,and one of the major things i looked for was extra oil changes.

an s65 engine costs over $35k to replace.the redline is 8400's an expensive oil change,but cheap insurance.

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