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1. You guys don't like my posts because I dare to disagree or aim to prove you wrong. Boohoo.
2. If you claim it's because my posts are offensive, I can easily produce a dozen likewise from OldArmy, so grow-up.
3. I have no problem with a moderator posting his viewpoint, but the "question baiting" (asking a question with the sole intent of trashing whoever answers) is not acceptable behavior for a mod.
4. You've all heard the accusation that the arcane "don't tread on me" is racist. Disagree all you want, but don't fake ignorance pretending I'm the only accuser.
5. You're all creating a smokescreen to avoid the facts about the debt proving the moderator is completely off-base.
6. I'm not the one who went on the offensive with bullshit numbers about Obama and the debt, when the culprits are Reagan/Bush. So yes, the constant, relentless Obama bashing upsets me. That's why I post replies.