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Originally Posted by benjammin View Post
BTW, I also made the mistake of test driving an M3
Ironically I bought my M3 even though I was completely disappointed in the test drive X.x....I drove 2, both of which i was considering, and i didn't want to rev them too high as they were FOB.

But I came from a highly modified 335i, and had driven modified M3s in the past ....
I knew I'd mod my car before I bought it lol. Just never knew I'd take it this far 0_o. I'm already budgeting away for a BBK and possibly a supercharger....which would mean that I spent the same amount of $ on mods as all of my 3 years of lease payments combined...while only owning the car for less than a year lol

M3 is a nice car but it's boring in stock me.
hence why I said you shouldn't expect your car payments to be your only expense... if you're on this're (more likely than not) bound to do some mods lol