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Originally Posted by JoeyO View Post
" give me a better job, better pay, better treatment, And a better chance, all because of the color of my skin..."

Bullsh1t. All because of the color of my skin? Does it have anything to do with the fact that only 52% of male African Americans graduate from high school, while it's 78% for male white Americnas? Considering education is free in American who do they really have to blame for that fact? When you point your finger at other people there's four other fingers pointing at yourself.

Also, by the way, I've refinanced my mortgage loan several times, and in all those times, I never applied for it "in person". It was always done behind paper applications and over the telephone. I don't see how the color of my skin affected my loan application. Their accusation is complete bullsh1t.
1. Just because it's free in America doesn't mean that everyone has equal access. Yeah, you work hard to get a better job, pay, treatment, and chance; Blacks do too. See #2.


"White names receive 50 percent more callbacks for interviews. Callbacks are also more responsive to resume quality for White names than for African American ones. The racial gap is uniform across occupation, industry, and employer size."

You can claim colorblindness all you want and claim the American Dream is obtainable through hard work but there are a variety of other factors that contribute to one group's success and another's failure (whatever you want to define those two attributes).