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Originally Posted by korbestev View Post
I see. There is a reason, why bmw owners have the worst reputation.

Somehow I came here from google, searching for Lexus photos... I know that not much can be expected from the bmw owners, but... anyway, all I read, is about "ricers", because japanese cars have low suspension.
Thats odd.
Nice example of fine tuned cars, very clean, very fast. But noooo. For "bimers" they are "riced out", because its Lexus, and because they have low suspension. And of course at the end a bunch of dumb pictures featuring ruined cars, which have no compare to cars in first post.

So, what would you call a hundreds of thousands lowered german cars? Are they... "hitlered out"?

Your reputation is like ground around Chernobyl. It takes f*cking unbelievable amount of time to get it clear. But you just still shitting under yourselves...

Live well and prosper, bimmers.
Congrats on bumping a 3 year old thread to downtalk an entire forum for your first post.