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Originally Posted by Onurleft View Post
Fixed it for you. My bad.

The record for a stock E46 M3, is 12.7@107.7.
U.S spec early model car.
The record for an E92 M3 is 12.4@114.9
Both could have lower E.T's with a optimal tire set up. I'm not sure if these two still stand but they both did for more than a few years.

If there's a strong running E92 M3 that's dead stock running 12.60's @ the tracks in the S.E then i'll be right behind it running 13 dead in an strong running E46 M3. No questions.
If the conditions yield 13.0-13.2@105-108 for the E9x, a very common average time vs. a 12.6-12.7@110+ (assuming avg.2.0 short times) at the tracks around here, then again, the same average joe should be in the 13.3-13.5 area@102-105 area in the E46.

If you think 6-8.5 car lengths separates the two on average (same conditions/drivers), you should feed your delusions by some seat time.
Arguing one car runs .2ths faster then it's record and another car is close to a second away from its record is just a biased argument.
However, I feel like you just want to correct my numbers you can quickly regurgitate, which was not my point from the start (why I was careless with the math) and is my mistake
OK, I give. Seriously.

I just looked up some E46 magazine times, and they're all in the low 13s, at 106-107 mph. 13.1 best.

Sheesh, my bad, and I apologize. Apparently I'm aging less than gracefully.

Anecdotally though, I was at Maple Grove Raceway earlier this year, and watched an E92 auto go 12.23, at just over 114. OK, it was a very good day, with DA at below 300 feet, but the real secret (looked the guy up later) was that the car just before him was a pro modified, and he lined up square in the middle of that guy's burnout patch.

Guy said he just gunned it, and the result was a 1.88 short! Said his previous best was a 12.5 at just under 114. Also said he couldn't wait to do some bolt-ons, in a quest for an 11 second time slip.

Not saying it's at all representative - just possible.