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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast. View Post
You've made the E46 quicker than the magazine times, while keeping the E9X roughly where the magazines put it.
Rather than calculate it, I just based it off my results actually running the cars in the 1/4 mile. I tend to use real world experience rather than calculate numbers which can get me caught up in debates (healthy debates) on forums as results on paper only offer numbers on paper to me.

At the same track, in similar but not the exact same conditions me and my friends pulled off a 12.7@110 in a stock DCT E92 M3 and 13.0@106 in a stock E46 M3. Moseley's time is verified here on the board.
At a different track in a different stock E46 M3 we got 13.3@104.5, but the DA was much higher and the temperature was hotter.These E46's were 6 speed cars on 18" wheels, rather then the 30 series 19" tires which offer very little sideway flex which is crucial for a good launch.

My only real point is saying 6 or 8+ car lengths to me in that short of a distance, having run the two cars, is what i've only seen from a hole shot advantage from the E92 M3. I've also never seen a stock one trap higher than 110, but i'm sure it would be possible in dryer climate then the humid southeast.