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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
Sustainable does not mean over 500 PS. It's a Hybrid Sports car.

"What can BMW do to rival the Ferrari 458 Italia?"

As we done when the rivalry between the enzo , SLR and Carrera GT was in full swing. Sit back and watch our rivals get torn apart by a car that absolutely outclasses them in every turn like what the Enzo done.
Product planning is such a vicious circle and the results can be harsh when you go against a new Ferrari.

When the Enzo et all were under development we began working on "Efficient Dynamics" for future mobility solutions which is what we did before and why we are the leading premium manufacturer of sustainability because we invested in it at the right time , Audi and Mercedes-Benz were working on their upper level sports cars whilst we were developing Efficient Dynamics to which our competitors are scrambling to catch up. "Efficient Dynamics" in our cars have brought new customers and an increase of sales to the BMW brand and this will not be substituted because we do not have an image building supercar or poor driving high performance models like our competitors.

Also BMW are working on a variety of performance models that will reflect sustainability and performance underneath "Efficient Dynamics". M division will become the pinnacle of "Efficient Dynamics".
I really dislike those making the decisions at BMW right now, BMW does not stand for efficient dynamics, its good that they can make efficient cars but that should not be what defines them. If I want efficient I will get a prius or VW tdi. If I want performance and driving dynamics I get a BMW.
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