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Originally Posted by radorotrex View Post

However, if you knew you have side effects coming off of meds then you should not of been driving. What if that pole was someones wife, husband or even a child.....? I'm glad your okay but people must be more responsible getting behind a wheel.
My doctor said driving would not be an issue. I'm with you 100%, and won't be driving for a good month, and after having every test in the book done. Needless to say I feel lucky that it was a pole and not a human being.

As for the side curtains, it was a frontal offset at ~40mph, I think they're supposed to blow in a frontal offset.

Brake Dust: Hadn't washed car in ~3 weeks, and the 1er brakes put off crazy amounts of dust.

Update on tests:

24 hour Holter was fine, MRI was fine. Still waiting on hormone panel.

They're going to do a stress echo in addition to resting. Meds should not interfere, Lamictal is an anti-convulsant and has no particular effect on heart rate.
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