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So I went yesterday, since the SA told me the car was rdy, and when I get there I asked him about the software version to see if they had upgraded it or not. He called a tech I think and asked him what the latest software version was.... He didn't even check or asked what the version on the car is, but he is telling me that since the car was in there and they replaced the sensors for the break that the car gets updated automatically. Anyway ended up saying that the version was 427.xx, so ummm what is he giving me???

I had to leave the car there because the low air light stays on from the tire, and says Inactive, so they gotta check the sensor for that or something.

Any ideas into what I should talk to him about today??? Or does it seem like he's trying to avoid the software update, or maybe it was done and he just doesn't know how to explain it??? I still haven't gotten no work order, he had given me the papers yesterday but I gave them to the valet parking guy so he can bring the car, and then we just took it back because of the Inactive light thing. So couldn't really read the work order, but I will today when I pick it up.