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Question Steering Question

I've been noticing the loosness/tightness of the steering wheel when turning is inconsistent occasionally, I don't really like it. Most the time when turning the steering feels loose or atleast normal, which is fine. But when it gets unexpectedly tight during the turn, it's a little startling.

Case in point - the other day I was slowing down from about 60mph coming up on a downhill 15-25mph right hand turn. As I am in the turn, turning the wheel to the right the tightness felt so tight it almost felt as if the power steering literally cut off for a split second - that's how tight it felt. Is this normal?

Car is 100% stock with 1,300 miles. I can't remember what setting I was driving in, I want to say I had 1 EDC light on and S6? but I could be wrong. Outside temperature was about 55 degrees. Has anyone else experienced this or knows what's going on?