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Originally Posted by KANdaddy View Post
I have shipped several cars coast-to-coast. For me, price is not the issue, rather that upon final delivery that my vehicle look and perform EXACTLY as it did when it was picked up. There are three major things you must have in a shipping company IMO:
  1. Enclosed travel. DO not fall for the "oped transport is ok" BS. There are too many factors....what happens when the trailer is parked along the way for a food or bathroom break, etc?...will the driver watch your car to make sure passers-by dont screw with it? Answer: Hell No. Will they care that your car is being pelted by road debris and will they do their best to avoid this situation? Answer: Hell No. Go enclosed....don't be a cheap azz. You have a $70K car not a $20K one.
  2. Car MUST stay on same truck throughout its journey...from beginning to end. What MANY transport companies do not tell you is that the truck that picks up your car is 99% of the time NOT the one that will deliver your car. Depending on the distance, trucking companies use many hubs where they will off load your vehicle and load it onto another vehicle for the next "stint". Obviously each time this happens there is the potential for damage to your vehicle. Will they let you know if is damaged in this process or even care? Answer: Hell No.
  3. Are the driver and trucks used actually employed and owend by the organization you hire or are they just contractors? What many of the transport companies will not tell you is that they are really just "brokers". They often do not own their trucks nor employ their drivers directly. Rather they get your business then hire a driver or drivers through a network that will transport your vehicle for them at the cheapest price. Price they hire drivers is directly related to quality of transport. I have heard horror stories where a person's car was damaged and the "broker" passes you onto the driver to deal with it. This gets messy and you end up finding out that the agreement you were bound to may not be what the driver and broker agreed to in terms of responsibility of damage, etc. READ your fine print!

All this being said, I recommend Intercity Lines - They own their trucks. Their drivers work only for them. You car will be loaded once onto one enclosed trailer and that truck will deliver your car to your destination and unload it once to you. They are not cheap but they are not outrageous either. Very nice people and I will use them again and again.
what he said!!

Thomas Sunday is also owner/operators, car never gets off once it's on.