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Originally Posted by BMWinNorthdakota View Post
The complete ignorance associated with money creation is absolutely depressing. For those of you who are genuinely curious about it, check these 5 videos/article out. Its incredibly interesting and educational

I first learned about this 3-4 yrs ago and was astonished...I try to tell as many people as I can but most are too scared or indifferent to learn the truth...they want to be "comfortable" and not rock the system.

I find it so hilarious that when you get a loan from a bank they put 0's into your acct and that money comes from thin air, they didnt even have is debt and debt is money...they say 90% of all the money on our planet is created by loans created by banks using fractional banking.

Its puzzling how a bank can even lose money...only time things go sour is when people lose faith in the ponzi scheme and start withdrawing their money out of the banks and then the banks would be forced to fess up the money isnt there.