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Originally Posted by KGB7 View Post

I would rather be crazy with a tinfoil hat, then a sheep like your self freely walking in to a meat grinder.
Aside from what you've clearly incorrectly gleaned about me from my posts against you in the Osama thread, and maybe a few others, I'd wager you know close to nothing of my thought process or views on economic policy.


It doesnt matter if you do it from inside or outside, as long as something is done is always a good thing. You are right, the system is far from broken, it simply doesn't exists anymore.
Doesn't exist anymore? Do we still buy things with money? Is there still a system for credit? Your little plastic cards still swipe and you still walk out of stores with things? Are there still markets?

Yes, yes, yes...The "system" surely exists...

"Fixing things from the outside" is exactly a source of some of the stupidest and most inefficient methods to attempt to improve things. I can cite countless examples of this in my industry alone. The gov't, Fed, or both are actually quite similar to Anonymous. Groups of people you don't really know, who haven't honestly identified their goals, attempting to use coercive force to get their way because they think they know what is better for you than you do.