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Quick update for everyone. I spent a little time with the roof down today and here's some more feedback/thoughts:

- I am a pretty conservative guy so I have to say that driving with the roof down in DCT S-4 or 5 (with the blip downshifts) can be very loud in city driving in terms of attracting attention. Some people clearly won't care but it might be too much for others. For someone conservative like me, I can already see that it will completely depend on my mood. If I'm in the mood for a fun drive and there aren't that many people around then S-4 or 5 will be great. But there will clearly be some times where I will keep it in S-3 to avoid the throttle blips, especially with the roof down, due to the loud noise.
- The best way I can describe how this mod has changed the roof-down experience is that I now feel like I'm driving a Ferrari in terms of sound levels, at least that's how it sounds to me as the driver when the roof down. While I have already validated (with my wife and others) that the sound others hear is now as loud as the driver would think, it's quite loud for the driver with the roof down. So if you're considering this mod then be sure to take a drive in a car that already has the mod so you'll know what to expect, as it's not for everyone.
- I'm starting to think that the roof down experience is a love it or hate it situation, meaning everyone will clearly fall into 1 of these 2 camps. If you want a lot of noise all of the time (and I mean really, really good noise!) then this is absolutely for you. But if you want a lot noise only some or a little of the time when you're driving with the roof down then this might wear on you. I mostly fall into the former camp so this will probably be a good fit for me. But it's definitely not for everyone.
- It's worth noting that it's no longer possible for me to listen to the radio, even loudly, with the roof down without hearing too much of the car. The noise is loud enough that it cannot be ignored. So if you're type of person who wants to only hear a really great song, as opposed to that song + the car, with the roof down then this might not be for you.

Overall I suspect this will be a really good for me with the roof down, as I take very short trips daily and I'm a pretty aggressive driver, so really experiencing the car + sound is a good thing for me. But it's definitely not for everyone!

I hope this is helpful...