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Originally Posted by W12x View Post
Hi everyone, I'm new on the forum and my previous cars were bought from the dealer, so this will be the first time ordering a car with exactly what I want(got the X5 without the premium sound that I really wanted)'s a few questions that I want to ask...they might sound stupid but, I'm a noob here,lol....
1. I'm a little conservative on buying a 1st year production model, so does anyone know when will M3 go into the 2nd production year, or have all the 1st year issues fixed? or, does the 1st year model have that much issues need to be fixed?
No issues of note yet, and they've been in production for the rest of the world for 6 months or so. There have been a couple fuel pump fault errors, but no trends. My first year E46 M3 has been rock solid; the second year ones had more porblems with rod bearings. Supplier issues can happen at any time. 2009s can be ordered about August or so, and will be go into production September or October.

2. if I want to order a car with a production date around Nov or Dec 2008, when should I place the order? is it too early now?
Put a refundable deposit ($500 or $1,000) down with a dealer to get on a pre-order list, just to be sure. Alternatively, you can play it loose and try to bargain for under MSP closer to your order date. This may be easier with a sedan than a coupe. The dealer can't place an actual order until he has an "allocation" from BMW AG. Then the process takes about 6 weeks until your car is built, and 4-6 weeks to reach your dealer (depending on where you are in the country).

3. what are something that I should be very careful about when dealing with the dealer?
Make sure when you put your deposit down you get an agreement that the sales price will not exceed MSRP, and that it is refundable if you change your mind.

4. Any good dealer recommendations in the Houston area?
thanks guys.... hope these questions aren't too
I'll let some locals deal with the last one.

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