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do you pray to everyone you respect? mary was not God. the apostles were not Gods. they can't do anything for you. i've been to a catholic church for a short period of time in my youth i know that catholics put in place all these people to stand between you and God.

i find it troubling that i was supposed to confess to my priest to be told that i was forgiven. i find it troubling that the only person who is authorized to interpret the bible is the pope. when all these people are being elevated to a position so high, where is there room for God in this religion? sorry, the pope, all the priests, bishops, etc in the world, are normal human beings that are prone to sin just like me. are they helpful, sure they can be, but you don't need a man with a specific title to help you get closer to God. all you need is Jesus first and foremost, and help from your fellow christians.

The difference between the two is that generally speaking Catholics don't try to bamboozle you into joining their cult. They could really give a crap if you go to hell or not as long as they can confess their sins...

I've yet to see a Catholic standing on the street corner thumping a bible saying "join now and be saved".
i hope this was something sarcastic, but if not, what this says to me is that you have no idea what Jesus' ministry was all about.

which bible do you read?

do you not know john 3:16, matthew 28:16-20?

how can you call yourself a christian and say you don't care about bringing others to know Christ? it just doesn't make sense...