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So what exactly is it you have against a dad taking time out of his busy day to help his young daughter with her homework? Aren't you guys supposed to be the party of "family values" ??? I suppose as with everything else in the alternate right wing universe normal things are fine for everyone EXCEPT Barack Obama, because, of course if he is for it, or if he does it, you must reflexively oppose it.
Can't speak for others, not everyone who is scared of Obama's platform is a clone of one another. POTUS is a big job, just like any senior leadership role.
You cant devote enough time to that and be father of the year, there are not enough hours in the day. How much time do you think the senior VP's of Google, or Apple, or General Electric, etc. spend with their kids compared to the guy who stocks groceries? There are a LOT of jobs and paychecks dependant on the people at the top of these entities, and the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

I can understand if Obama wants to be the dad he never had, but maybe that means that POTUS is not a good fit for him. As the CNN article I posted says, even Clinton made more time for schmoozing than Obama, when he also had a child in school.

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If Republicans lose this election I predict there will immediately be a lot of soul searching within the Republican party and a new completely different strategy will emerge. And it will not be based soley upon obstruction as it is now.
I guess if people honestly believed the Hope and Change mantra of 2008, then that argument sounds plausible too.....