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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
What's it like living in a cave? US oil production's up 15% since Obama took office, and natural gas production's at a 40-year high; so what's he thwarting???

And gas was $4.27 a gallon under Bush, when Obama was elected in 2008, so just the aura from his presidential victory caused prices to drop to under $2/per gallon! Right? I mean, after all, if you blame him for the doubling of prices now, you have to credit him with halving them in the first place. Or maybe, just maybe, your cause-and-effect accusations are just partisan bullshit...
Not sure if you were being serious, but Obama had nothing to do with gas prices falling, the fact the entire world entered into a recession and demand for gas fell like a rock is the reason the prices decreased so much. It just happened the free fall in demand coincided with his election:

As far as gasoline production increasing under him, that also is not due to Obama. In 2005 oil production in the US was devastated by Hurricane Katrina and a lot of the infrastructure had to be completly rebuilt. Then in 08 you had Hurricanes Gustav and Ike which also hit the refineries. Production has been increasing over the last few years due to the old facilities being repaired and new facilities (which were planned for and began to be built before Obama ever took office) coming online. Obama just happened to come into office at the same time production was at low levels due to a damaged refinery network. The other reason production is up is that demand has rebounded so the oil companies are now putting out more oil. You're not going to increase production if there isn't the demand to support it.