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Maybe this will further explain it, I am not a math wiz, far from it. These numbers below are hypothetical , only to illustrate my reasoning. (Jesus, you guys are making me work for this post!)

Known factors are:

2006 MY MSRP 50,000
MIL Discount 10% = MIL sales price $45000

So if I was provided a known 2008 MY MIL Price of $54900 and $61000 – 10% = $54900 then $61000 (+ another 1,000 perhaps) is the civilian MSRP. The plus 1,000 is due to the fact that the increase in MSRP will most certainly produce a discount greater than 10% as was the case for MY 2006 in my scenario. Again these numbers are only to illustrate my reasoning.
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