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I feel the need to chime in here as I have just placed order today on an Individual M3 Coupe from Steve Thomas BMW. Can't wait! Would be great if all three arrived together.

I want to say congratulations on your Santorini, you made the right choice listening to yourself, that's why it's called Individual. Never seen it in person, but I absolutely love the color based on pics, def Top 5 for me next to Phoenix, Laguna Seca, Techno Violet, and Fiji.

Not sure if your order is sealed, but I would highly recommend adding the navigation if you did not. I purchased a 2011 M3 Coupe Alpine/Fox 6spd last april (now for sale if anyone is looking)… I'm a straight performance kind of guy, my original intent was to purchase as you first intended, bare bones, no options and could have cared less for the navigation, I just wanted to rip the car. I ended up finding my color combo with navigation and just went for it as I got an insanely under priced deal. I can officially say I would never purchase another one without the nav system. The full nav with traffic, ability to plug in your iPod and scroll through your entire music library on screen, plus DVD player is all pretty badass and more than worth it in my opinion. Just my two cents tho ;-)

My Individual order is Phoenix Yellow / Extended Fox Red / Carbon Leather / 6spd Manual

I own an Individual '06 Phoenix M3. I'm one of the few who is obsessed…ahem… passionate about the color. So to all the Phoenix haters out there… save it!
I have an 01 PY with Kiwi and Individual Piano Black

So the exterior paint of your 06 had to be Individual, because the last year it was available to regular order was 04... corrcet?

Please post pics of the E92 PY when you get it!
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Caddy ATS . . . finally, a decent rental car option.
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the wheels make me mad...
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It's one thing for some buffoon to put an M badge on something that doesn't deserve's another for a multi-billion dollar corporation to do the exact same thing and keep a straight face.