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OK, so I don't know what you're willing to spend on a TV, but let me tell you this; I've seen quite a few TVs, ranging from low-end to extremely high end (65" Pioneer KURO ), and being completely honest here, the picture quality on these new LED LCD displays really doesn't wow me. Not only do I hate the way the TV's interpolate frames (granted, you can turn it off), but I've found that I can visually identify when the backlight is dimming to its various levels for improved contrast, and frankly, it's incredibly annoying.

Have you considered a plasma screen? If you haven't find a buddy with a good plasma setup, or go to a dedicated home theater store. All the guys there should tell you that, talking in terms of picture quality, Plasma is the best (because it is! On the Consumer Reports list of TVs with the best picture quality, all of the top 5 were plasma). And among plasmas, now that Pioneer has stopped making the KURO line, it's widely known that Panasonic makes the best Plasma displays (on the same list referenced before, Panasonic made the top plasma panel).

I would shoot for either the ST30 (better) line, or the GT30 (best), if 3D is a top priority. If not, then the S30 (very good) line will do just fine. Oh, and now let's talk price. If you want a 46" inch screen, then Amazon has the S30 model at $727 and change, and the ST30 at $870; and if you upgrade to a 50" screen size, you can get the S30 at $770, the ST30 at $900, and the GT30 at $1100 (as of 11/24 @ 11PM). While the 50" GT30 is an expensive TV, I can't sing the praises of the top of the line Panasonic plasma displays.

Currently, we have a total of 3 Panasonic Plasma displays in our house. One of them is the 65" equivalent to the GT30 (2D panel, last generation), and it is incredible. I haven't seen any TV come close to the picture quality that this can put out. I would be willing to personally guarantee you that, if you get a Panasonic Plasma, you will not be disappointed. Take it a step farther by color-calibrating the display, setting up a proper surround-sound system, and you'll have the best home-theater system on a budget on the block (unless you live on a block with audio/videophiles)