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Originally Posted by stefan View Post
LOL @ anyone modding their Subaru's. Good luck. Depending on what stage you go to, I'll place a bet on when your engine spins a rod bearing.

This is the kind of insanity that comes out of those communities. Visit Subaru boards. One such thread warns not to "push it in a low gear while driving uphill". Wow. Pretty much sums up the price difference.

Also, with regard to modding, if you actually do it properly, you will be in M3 territory cost-wise, except the M3 will have warranty and won't blow up.
The last statement you made is the truth. It is why modded vs stock comparisons are apples to oranges. But if you took an STi and had that big of a budget to put it in m3 money, it will not blow up and would blow the socks off almost anything, but it will be worthless, no warranty and the long term reliability won't be there.