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Originally Posted by SoTempted View Post
Ok true. Gates was smashing people with his relatively modest earlier build. But I agree with what you're saying man. STIs and Evos are closer to being the bare bones track cars than an M, hell the radio was an option on my 04 STi... and hell I'm sure I could embarass a lot of Ms up until 80... then I'd take the nearest exit as my evo proceeds to fall on it's face...

I just think the difference in class is enough to completely ignore the rally platforms, which is why I'm an evo owner on an M site ...this could be a life decision (haha) for some people... im tired of the boy racer scene and getting revved at by every car out there and 17-28 year olds popping boners on my car in the parking lot. I bet you guys get all that with the M, but at least chicks know what a BMW is ...and fold-in mirrors?! cmon that's just classy!
my reasons are same lol (edits above). Except keep the evo and turn it into a track only weekend warrior, and get an e9x m3 to have one of the best overall street cars available.