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Originally Posted by SoTempted View Post
Dude a modded anything will beat a lot of stock somethings. And Ryan Gates is not running a near stock size turbo. They're just different platforms. 0-60 the evos and STIs beat the M3 but anything over about 75 it's the M all day. I've owned a wrx, stage 2 sti and now a lightly modded AMS tuned evo x. AWD-T 4s, generally speaking have no top end especially when compared to a RWD high revving V8. That's where, I think, the biggest differences would lie... Besides fit and finish, and luxury.
Not anymore, but in 08 time attack series he was running an FPRed I believe. I'm not arguing highway runs to 150, I'm talking about track cars (not track race cars, running cars on the track). I just wanted to point out its not outrageous for an M3 to be smoked by one of these rally cars like people are saying. Even lightly modded ones.

I'm not saying the M3 isn't a better car - IMHO it is. I still want to get an M3 fully knowing my evo is already faster than an M3 (to 60, on a track, auto-x, and in the 1/4 mile), and always will be unless I do pretty wild things to the M3 like going bigger displacement. I really couldn't care about highway racing/speeds - and if I did, I'd want a Z06.

If OP is looking for outright speed on the track, this is genuinely something to consider. If he's looking to race on the highway the choice is obvious. If he's looking for a nice overall package, and IMO the greatest overall sports coupe in current day production, then the choice is obvious again - M3 all the way.

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