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Originally Posted by kyoo View Post
idk about sti's but lightly modded evos will kill any near stock m3's on the track, hands down - you guys must not pay too much attention to that 'scene.' IDK how M3 owners are claiming otherwise except for the fact that it just doesn't make any sense to them.

Tuned evos with upgraded (but still stock sized turbos) will run with r35 GTRs, and always run at the top of the pack in time attack series races. Few examples, include the RyanGates EvoX, any AMS TA car, and for more extreme the HKS evo and the sierra sierra Evo (which are a couple of the fastest time attack cars in the world, and would destroy the ALMS M3).

if you guys are talking about drag racing though I have no idea. And obviously stock, in terms of performance they are not in the same class, and they will never be in the same luxury class.
Dude a modded anything will beat a lot of stock somethings. And Ryan Gates is not running a near stock size turbo. They're just different platforms. 0-60 the evos and STIs beat the M3 but anything over about 75 it's the M all day. I've owned a wrx, stage 2 sti and now a lightly modded AMS tuned evo x. AWD-T 4s, generally speaking have no top end especially when compared to a RWD high revving V8. That's where, I think, the biggest differences would lie... Besides fit and finish, and luxury.