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Originally Posted by sunsweet View Post
The DCT lag problems thread was one of the biggest and most permanent thread on the forum for years. Another probably more significant weakness of the DCT is the direct consequence of giving up the control of clutch level of engagement to a computer in stop-and-go situations. This of course lead to the inability to fully control the level of agressiveness/response in stop-and-go daily driving situations. That limitation is shared with fully automatic transmissions. No uncertainties there with the MT.
Of course during spirited driving on the track the DCT shifts are machine fast but also suppress one dimension of driving involving the tactile joy of pulling and pushing gears in and out . There now is an aftermarket software available to tune the DCT behavior slightly differently. Anyone who knows basic algebra knows that if you start with two independent variables and you reduce that to only one then you have given up one degree of control. It does not matter how faster or more precise than you that computer is, the fact is you are now controlling only 1 dimension instead of 2 dimensions. No matter how you look at it, it is a loss of 1 dimension of control. Sure, you can program different curves for the lost variable that suit different driving style/situations but you are one degree closer to being on a parc attraction ride where you just sit and do nothing. Of course this has already started with self-driving cars.
Hahaha. Yup. That was my thread with ~1800posts and 190,000 views. People still are posting to it now. I got fed up and sold the M3 and got a X5!