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I heard they officially renamed themselves from the "Nation of Islam" to the "Nation of Butthurtedness". And unfortunately this forum was not safe from that either.

It's sad really. Obviously a culture that does not tolerate those that don't believe what they believe. That is not the religion of peace. As much as I hate religious extremists of all kinds, I don't recall the last time a Jehovah's Witness blew himself up in a marketplace.... They might refuse to get off your porch with the most defiant display of confidence you've ever experienced, but they don't threaten to kill those that disagree. After you politely tell them you're not interested a few times, they just smile, turn around, and leave.

The Christians once were on the same level as the Muslims. One religion evolved. One didn't. You guess which.

It just sucks because there are many many millions of Muslims in this world who don't condone these actions, and who don't practice this form of hatred we see from the extremists. But, I'm sorry, no other religion is so easily and commonly contorted into pure barbarism.