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Originally Posted by scollins View Post
I had a friend make the same comment about iPhone 5. My question to him, which he really couldn't answer with specifics was "What exactly were you expecting?". His only specific reply was "a wider screen", but otherwise was a shrug of the shoulders. Honestly, do you want to stuff a tablet in your pocket?

So, what exactly were you expecting in iOS 6 that you didn't get?

You are correct. It's just how apple's marketing team advertises the new iPhone and the iOS, you get lost in their world and forget that it's nothing special.

If anything, I was looking forward to the panoramic camera function the most hahaha I mean I could get an app that does the similar thing, but that function on the 4s is much smoother and easier to use.

Also, they said facebook is integrated, but turns out its the same thing as having the fb app which I already had.

Before I got the upgrade, I read about the new features so I knew what I was gonna get. I was still hoping there would be some functions in the settings that they didn't mention. Those are always neat to find out.