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Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
And if you bothered reading anything I have posted you'd know the gtr has faster times even without using lc than the m6 does using it.
Ok screw the launch control, my point is that if you mash the throttle from a dig, the Awd gtr hooks up much better than the rear drive m6 which results in faster quarter mile and 0-100 times. The gtr is a beast off the line just as a Porsche 911 turbo is. Awd+ton of torque will get you off the line significantly faster than a rear drive car with similar or more power and torque numbers, this is just common sense.

Ill give credit where credit is due. It's hard to deny what a machine the gtr is, doesn't mean that it will blow away any car in any kind of race. I believe many cars may have an advantage over the gtr if the race starts at 100mph. Including even an older e63 m6. The power seems to fizzle out a bit in the gtr north of 100mph just like many other turbo charged cars.

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