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Originally Posted by Asiann
Check with Matson or Horizon. I had 2 cars shipped over here. Make sure they containerize it. Find a really good transport company with the enclosed truck to prevent damage. I had $4k of damage to my other new car because of transporting. If you can drive it yourself would be best and then catch a quick flight here. From there to here is only a few days. They quoted me about $899 if you ship it from Cali. I paid $2200 from SC to here. MBA here? Are you sure you want to go to school here? If you can I would suggest going to school somewhere else if that is possible. Unless you must come here. Rent is expensive as well as the cost of living. Rent for a small apt is $1000-1500 and 2 bedroom is $1500-1800. I pay $2300 for a 3 br house and that is not that bad. Everything costs here so consider that. Now the upside is that the beaches are never more than 15 from any direction. Mostly sunny all the time and temps are great. Rains in spurts especially in the mountains but mostly at night. No need for winter tires. The scenery is nice. I see the ocean everytime I come home. Pack your winter clothes in the attic since you will never need them! Just think about your move before you get here. I'm doing my MHA online later this year.

dang school's expensive there huh! i dunno which uni i'm gonna go to yet, have to ask around. but i can confirm after december, i mean its still a long way to go and i'm still lookin around at other schools as well. its just that i wanna be in a new environment hehe
we'll see how it goes but i definitely go to hawaii for my next holiday
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