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Originally Posted by matthewk View Post
That is absurd.

Are you really going to tell me if YOU, develop a product, learn a skill, or innately provide a valuable service, and you innovate and market that thing of value, and if EVERYTHING you do is directed towards realizing gain from that thing of value you don't have the same opportunity as anyone else? Seriously what on earth will hold you back or oppress you other than yourself?
"other than yourself" thats whats holding some back. We cant all be successful just like we cant all be good looking etc.. either way if we leveled the field we would have exactly what you wrote about the class up top.

That person is being naive if he thinks its a slave situation etc. If we all split the cars performance that are out, we would all drive camrys, but slower. Its the same with everything. Thats just life, bitching about it is one thing but forcing everyone to level the field is childish, naive, and idealistic at best. Every action has a consequence and that's why people need to look at this from the point of view of a realist....

Id rather some fly while some crawl instead of all of us limping along....everything we have was made by someone who wasnt afraid to fly, even knowing some were destined to crawl.