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Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
That's why you should get a GTR. It hits the sweet spot. I debated between a Turbo S and the new GTR and came to the conclusion a GTR would be more fun(because I would actually drive the thing like its intended instead of turning it into a garage queen).
I agree. Now it's just a matter of ordering one. I live in AZ, so I'm going to wait to order it until late June/early July as the winters here are our driving season. I must admit, my P car sat more than it should have. But I'm glad to say I drove my Lambo as much as a guy could who has two little ones and the responsibilities that go along with that. With that said, both of them like cars and I use that leverage on mom (wife) when looking at a new car. . I just have to get them to say they both think I should get a Blue car next. I've already played up that the GTR has 4 seats and am continuing to work on the wife. Thanks for your input on the car. Looking forward to getting one.