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Dickerson clones himself - Uses shell - Alias = Crescent167 = BANNED


Admins once again I have to lend it to you. Thank you for protecting the community again and I apologize for the work that you have to put in to investigate this troubled individual. Feel free to contact me directly so we may find a more efficient way of dealing with him. Though I'll probably need the proper documents to get information regarding this individual (due to privacy concerns) an open line of communication would be great. You guys are the saviors of the forum and protectors. Thank you for doing your duty.


Oh Dickerson..... Why do you temp me so. You really try to clone yourself then come on to defend yourself? You try to distract everyone with the idea that I'm all about money and force me to make you refocus back onto the problem at hand: THAT YOU PREY ON THE UNKNOWING AND WEAK. Philosophy, economics, law, etc.. I'll go toe to toe with you and obliterate you.

Dickerson, I gave you fair warning about messing with my community or myself. You haven't just tried to pull the wool over ALL of our eyes by creating a fake alias but have offended us and taken us all for stupid.

Now you have made yourself my hobby and legal pro-bono work later on. If you're smart you'll stay away from the community. Regardless I will be gathering evidence, public documents, as well and anything and everything that could lead to admissible evidence in an action and cataloging everything you have done wrong/and illegal since the age of 18. Because of this you haven't just motivated me to see that you actually are prosecuted and face civil penalties for your wrongdoings YOU HAVE ASSURED IT.

I mean really a 55 year old, engineer, driving a 2010 M3, in Oregon? (No offense to any legit Engineers with M3s in Oregon) That's what you claimed to be!? I would say just quit but this is actually sickly becoming entertaining. You are simply amazing practice for reviewing law. I'm not even going to say give up because I don't think you have the self control to do so but at least try. I've got to start a wiki and initiate the preparation of formal pleadings. I'll get everyone you've wronged big or small.


If I was a 16 year old kid who got his first bimmer (worked his ass of let's say) I would be fair game for you. Do you even have a voice in your head that says "wow I think what I'm doing must be wrong" anymore or do you justify everything you do? You have a KID MAN!!!


Dickerson to save me the time do you want me to type ---------UPDATE 6----------? It will come (unfortunately) I'll just be curious if you'll actively be the cause of it.
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