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Yea, sucks. Getting pretty fed up with it all and am debating on buying the vinyl and doing it myself over a weekend. Seen some of the DIYs and tips, and it looks manageable but it could also be flirting with disaster.

Anyone have any insight into doing it themselves?
I tried and only got through the trunk. I had the CSL one so it was difficult and curvy. You need a nice hot weather, and lots of patience and determination. I did it in a relatively cold day, and you'd have trouble. But theres a good learning curve on it, so becareful. Dont get your heatgun too close. I would suggest try alittle first, and see how it goes. I know a guy in NorCal that might do it for a decent price. He quoted me about $150 for a bumper. So I am assuming possibly 1k for the whole car if you got your own material. But my estimations maybe inaccurate. They said they've done vinyling for 10 years. I can give you his contact if you are interested.