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Ok, we are still waiting for the "facts" but from following the discussion of what we know at this point I am beginning to wonder what the difference is between my E46 M3 and the E92 M3 (which I have pre-ordered). Sure, there WILL be improvements but how much and where it will be is beginning to haunt me when it comes to selling my M3 and paying the difference for the E92. If the E92 is, let's say 1 second faster, how much of a noticeable difference this going to make on the track (probably almost zero on the street)? I think only a little, and this is if you are able (have the "for real" skills) to drive near the car's limits. Will the handling be hugely improved or slightly improved? Note that do a few track courses a year and the rest is around town and maybe a road trip or two a year (so I'm not at a driving level as many on this site are).

If I subtract the approximate selling price of my E46 from the estimated price of the new E92 I am thinking I'm left with a LOT of cash to add a lot of mods and still have about 1/2 of that cash left over. Ok, I'm leaving the thrill of having the new M3 etc. out of the equation here.

Maybe I'm just picking up on the disappointment emphasis on some of the posting, but any comments on putting some mods into an E46 vs. the extra cash into the E92?