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Originally Posted by sfscott View Post
From reading the specs and speculation, people are saying that the 0-60 time will come in around 4.8 seconds.

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't that what the previous generation did?

Other than a different sound and probably worse mileage, what does 90 additional bhp and two extra cylinders get me?

One would think that the new one should be a whole lot faster off of the line.
You can find a similar discussion in another thread. The 0-60 on the old m3 is 4.8s from car and driver but that is the best time after 10-20 attempts. The 4.8s figure recently released on the new m3 is 0-100km/h which translate to 0-62mph. There is a 2 mph disprency between the two. Also, the original manufacturer 0-62mph on e46m3 is 5.2s.