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Originally Posted by MrHarris View Post
Oh I'm sorry Eloy, I guess next time I shouldn't say anything.

Gintani will make more power, but at the cost of more sound (some people like this).

AA has the NCC chambers which I'm sure isn't the best for flow while Gintani uses a straight-through design.

I'm sorry if my comment 'cracks' you up but to me as far as power goes between Gintani vs. AA for their muffler it's easy to say Gintani wins. I don't appreciate people mocking me, especially you Eloy I'm very surprised. This isn't a RPi vs. Gintani thread, maybe you forgot?

Also, I got info from powertrip who has had experience with both who clearly said the AA lost serious low end torque, I later confirmed with Alex and them at Gintani who also couldn't believe the low end power loss so it's not like I'm making this stuff out of thin air.
Im not trying to mock you. You have called me and asked me questions which I was more than happy to answer. If you want to get technical with me, we can do this. I never mentioned my stuff on here so where are you coming up with an rpi vs gintani thing here? We all know that a 3" system isnt the best way to improve the m3 exhaust system. You can still make power using 3" tubing but you will have to make a muffler FOR that 3" tubing.